Nepal Jewellery

nepal Jewellery

    Nepal Jewellery

Nepal Jewellery welcome to online store of Nepal Jewelry. We offer large variety of Nepal Jewelry. we are leading manufacturer and exporter and supplier of Wholesale Nepal Jewellery Nepalese jewelry. Nepalese silver jewelry is traditions silver jewelry which is handmade and handcrafted by skilled artisan. We are direct exporter of silver jewelry Nepal. Nepal jewellery are known for its traditional Tibetan and Nepalese gemstone silver jewelry and handicrafts. The craftsmen are excellence in their art work from generations. We export of Nepalese jewellery to all over worldwide from USA to Europe and UK to Australia and Russia. We welcome your custom base order of silver jewelry. Nepal Jewellery as we also manufacture modern and ethnic and tribal style silver jewelry. you will love to order more and more every time. Our jewelry has unique touch and charm of tradition and cultural mix in to every pc of art. Nepal jewellery team is sole motive to create unique and ultimate pc of art and true value of each pc and excellent quality gemstone has to be use. We use 925 sterling silver to make these pc and use real precious and semi precious gemstones. Mostly to create the Nepalese jewelry we use turquoise and coral and lapis gemstone as they are true Nepalese jewelry main stones or also known as Tibetans silver jewelry. Nepal is known for its cultural value and true believes of god and worship is part of their life. Similarly these also exhibit while they make jewelry. Nepal jewellery store is a small effort to exhibit the true art of Nepal craft men and artisans. Our jewelry is true handcrafted jewelry. we are wholesale supplier of Nepalese jewelry worldwide. Nepal Jewellery

Some people know that fact is Tibetan antique jewellery and Nepalese jewelry is same thing. Nepal handicraft and Nepal silver jewellery is a artisan group originates from Tibet. So it has given name of Tibetan Nepalese jewelry. Nepal is known for it tremendous cultural and religious heritage and so Nepal jewellery has same value on it. We manufacturer and offer Traditional Nepal designs, Tibetan silver designs, Contemporary designs and Modern designs of western world. Manufacturing and wholesaling silver jewelry with semi-precious stones is our key offer to all the buyers worldwide. Nepal jewellery is must have for your jewellery collection. Nepal Jewellery We have hundred of style of Nepali silver jewellery in our collection. All well accented with real semiprecious gemstones. Jewellery of Nepal is simply a best source for your jewelry needs. Wholesale Nepal Jewelry store offer Ethnic unique designs of Rings, Earrings, pendants, Bracelets, Cuff ,Bangles and Necklaces. We also welcome custom base order. Jewellery products of Nepal have their own healing and positive energy. So it makes you not only attractive but also add positive energy and you will feel happy from inside. You know that Nepali is official language and mother language of Nepal. In general sue to design content Nepali jewelry is made with ninety percent silver. But we give you pure 925 sterling silver. All Nepal jewellery is handmade. It is always one of kind silver jewelry. we also manufacture Nepal mantra jewelry which is Nepal Buddha jewelry and Nepal om mantra jewelry. and various other similar items. Nepal Jewellery nepal jewelry, jewelry of nepal, nepal silver jewelry, nepal pendant, nepalese jewelry, nepal rings, nepal jewelery. jewelry from nepal, nepali jewelry, nepal jewellery, nepali jewellery, nepal jewlery, bracelets nepal, nepal bracelet, nepal necklace, nepalese beads. Nepal Jewellery

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